Book Week Scotland!

This week is Christmas for authors, really. I’ve been stuck in my house seething at the Covid-19 lockdown that’s keeping its heel on our throats, but still trying to keep busy. A few weeks ago I had my live digital launch, which mostly went rather well, if you ignore the bit at the start where I forgot to mute my microphone and everyone heard me swearing and shrieking. As part of Book Week Scotland, Culture NL Libraries have streamed this launch, but not quite the way it first appeared. I’ve always liked extra content. The Easter Eggs on DVDs. The lengthy introductions at the start of classic books by famous authors. The booklets in the special edition ‘greatest hits’ CD of my favourite bands. In that spirit, I decided to create an extended edition of the launch complete with a new title sequence and a blooper reel at the end. The Facebook Video version…

…has already been watched over 1K times, but there’s also the less cared for YouTube upload, which is now here if you want to watch it.

I love that this is the facial expression they chose!

If you do enjoy it, then please buy Happiness Is Wasted On Me. It’s available in all your usual places, and I know the temptation to buy from Amazon is always strong, but if you use, some of your cash goes to a local bookshop – and we really need to help the high street while we’re unable to walk through it.

Enjoy and thank you!

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