The Best Book Review Show Ever!

I was invited by a nice little radio station called Cumbernauld FM to contribute a book review show for their schedule. I said yes, because I feel like Lockdown has a lot of space in it and this will help fill that space with fun. It's going to begin at the end of the month.… Continue reading The Best Book Review Show Ever!

The Bravery by The Bravery

The Bravery were a song and a video but definitely not an album. Goodness, why would I buy that? They weren't my thing at all, so I thought. My opinion was based on nothing other than a photograph of them in NME. Back in the noughties, I tended to identify what I liked and hated… Continue reading The Bravery by The Bravery

Why I love The Doctor AKA The Jodie Whittaker Fan Club

Doctor Who is my favourite thing in the universe ever since I watched Ace beat up a Dalek with a baseball bat on my old black and white telly. Over the years, I've supported the show through cancellation to the revival and all the major changes in between. When I discovered The Doctor would be… Continue reading Why I love The Doctor AKA The Jodie Whittaker Fan Club

Ping Pong Bitches by Ping Ping Bitches

The Sunday Mail seemed to live at the side of the couch until the next edition appeared. At this point in my life, when I was heading to college, the Sunday newspapers felt like a mandatory part of working class life. Everyone read the News of the World and (here in Scotland) the Sunday Mail.… Continue reading Ping Pong Bitches by Ping Ping Bitches