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  • “Lady In Rid”

    “Lady In Rid”

    A few months ago, Tom Brogan of Short Attention Span Theatre reached out and asked if I’d like to contribute a short play to a charity night. They’re raising money for River Garden in Ayr, a facility to help people in the recovery state of addiction. So I wrote Lady In Rid, or Lady In […]

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  • Goodbye 2022! What’s happening 2023?

    Goodbye 2022! What’s happening 2023?

    The start of the year was slow until I got busy. Suddenly, the end of the year was here and I realised it was time to make one of these annual Best Of lists. For me, this blog will also be a glimpse into the future, signs and portents of things to come – because […]

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  • Debut by Björk

    Debut by Björk

    My eldest sister loved Debut and that’s how I knew it was something special. “A” had listened to music but by the time she left school and got a job in the factory, it was something purely functional for her, an incidental backing track for her adventures in Björk Papa Docs, the infamous Cumbernauld shithole […]

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