• “Lady In Rid”

    “Lady In Rid”

    A few months ago, Tom Brogan of Short Attention Span Theatre reached out and asked if I’d like to contribute a short play to a charity night. They’re raising money for River Garden in Ayr, a facility to help people in the recovery state of addiction. So I wrote Lady In Rid, or Lady In […] Read more

  • Goodbye 2022! What’s happening 2023?

    Goodbye 2022! What’s happening 2023?

    The start of the year was slow until I got busy. Suddenly, the end of the year was here and I realised it was time to make one of these annual Best Of lists. For me, this blog will also be a glimpse into the future, signs and portents of things to come – because […] Read more

  • Debut by Björk

    Debut by Björk

    My eldest sister loved Debut and that’s how I knew it was something special. “A” had listened to music but by the time she left school and got a job in the factory, it was something purely functional for her, an incidental backing track for her adventures in Björk Papa Docs, the infamous Cumbernauld shithole […] Read more

  • Cumbernauld Hit: the attempted listing of a concrete eyesore.

    Cumbernauld Hit: the attempted listing of a concrete eyesore.

    It’s easy to spot a tourist in Cumbernauld. They’re the people with cameras looking around in awe at the places that make the rest of us shake our heids in disgust. They’ll ask for directions to ‘The Plaza’ or try their luck at finding the bus that’ll take them to the school where Gregory’s Girl […] Read more

  • A Secret History of Cumbernauld Town Centre

    A Secret History of Cumbernauld Town Centre

    Cumbernauld Town Centre eats pigeons alive, but not before they eat each other. The building is in such a bad state that the birds have plenty of broken windows and pipes to get through, and they’ve made the top floor their home.  Even up on the third floor, where the library sits almost abandoned because […] Read more

  • How did it all go then?

    How did it all go then?

    My night was a whoosh! sort of evening, the kind that you know happened because you have photographs and lower stock to prove it, but I’ll be honest…I don’t remember many details, because I was too busy fretting about everything. Honestly, it’s like a birthday party where you’re so concerned the guests are enjoying themselves […] Read more