Sale! Sale! Sale!

Hello. My weirdo YA masterpiece GLOWGLASS is currently £2.99 for anyone with a Kindle. Lucky sods! Think of it as a fucked-up evil version of Sweet Valley High with lesbian drama, murder, videotape, and porridge. Basically, this is the book the teen version of me would go nuts for, because it has everything I ever… Continue reading Sale! Sale! Sale!

Tracking Down Tracks!

Tracks was a British teen fiction imprint from the 80s/90s. An entire generation grew up with these books. So what happened to them?

I Wanted To Write About Robert Cormier

Some writers defy categorisation. They cannot be filed, stamped, or absorbed. Yes, you may find their books in certain areas of the book shop or the library, but essentially these writers remain difficult to anticipate, their work always surprising and interesting. I'd place Francesca Lia Block, Cory Doctorow, Sam Pink, Kathy Acker, Jason Starr, Jeff… Continue reading I Wanted To Write About Robert Cormier

Spite And Malice At High School

I've spent the last few years writing fiction for younger people. I'm quite happy with what I've put out so far, because there's a market for weird books for the weirdo teens. I was one myself, and I always wanted to write books that I would have read at that age. But being an author… Continue reading Spite And Malice At High School