• The YA Years / 2013-2018 / what the fuck was that all about?

    The YA Years / 2013-2018 / what the fuck was that all about?

    I got my start in the Scottish publishing industry writing books for teenagers. They weren’t normal YA books but the weirdest, stupidest, strangest most cult fiction for teenagers ever – at least that’s what I told myself. Like most readers, I started reading as a child, visiting my local library every day, taking days off […]

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  • Kirky’s Holiday In Newcastle…

    Kirky’s Holiday In Newcastle…

    I was ready, my fabulous faux fur packed in my Louis Vuitton bag, snugly folded beside the legendary Kurt Cobain lunchbox…and it was off down to Newcastle with gal pal (and fellow author that isn’t an actual fellow) ALEX NYE. I met Alex on the train to Edinburgh, where we had a good chat about […]

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  • UKYACX 2016!

    I’ll be attending this year’s UKYACX which takes place in Newcastle Library on the 17th September. It’ll have a lot of special guests and a very large pot for tea, which is basically the reason I’m going down to England. I’m a tea tart. It’s the start of many trips down to England, because they […]

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  • Yay YA+ 2016

    Yay YA+ 2016

    I’m so sorry that I haven’t been blogging as much recently, but it isn’t my fault! Put the blame on my hectic life. That’s a good excuse isn’t it? And it’s YOURS for free. If you’re late for an appointment then you utter the words, “Put the blame on my hectic life.” If you’re too […]

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