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  • One Inch God by Defenestration

    One Inch God by Defenestration

    Nu-Metal was terrible, according to critics. It was masculine, posturing, witless, joyless rock that allowed everyone into the hermetically sealed world of metal. Actually, it did allow metal to crossover into the mainstream. In the early 2000s, it wasn’t unusual to see a Limp Bizkit song in the Top Ten or hear Linkin Park’s Hybrid […]

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  • All About Kittie: Remembering Spit

    All About Kittie: Remembering Spit

    I swore to everyone in my circle of friends that the future of rock music could be found on an album named Spit. Kittie, a feminine word that belied a decidedly loud band, were the new Hole. They would bent and bash inflexible Metal into exciting new shapes; they were IT and I loved them. […]

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