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  • Garbage by Garbage

    Garbage by Garbage

    Nineteen Ninety-Six was a year where I was slowly starting to form myself through music and art. Before that, music was something I listened to for enjoyment, something in the charts I bought because it was popular and catchy. The bands I’d inherited from my dad (The Smiths, The Cure, The Slits, Siouxsie And The […]

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  • Goo by Sonic Youth

    Goo by Sonic Youth

    Some records are defiantly underground. Others are absolutely mainstream. Then there’s Goo by Sonic Youth. Though released on a major label (Geffen), it looks and sounds like the work of artists hellbent on confusing the listener. Sonic Youth always had the reputation of confounding expectations; they were serious about what they did but had a […]

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  • Divine, Kurt, and Ricki Walk Into A Bar…

    Divine, Kurt, and Ricki Walk Into A Bar…

    Divine, a larger than life drag queen, was more bombed blondshell than blond bombshell. But it didn’t matter to me. From the moment I saw her during a late-night broadcast of Female Trouble, I knew she was something different. I mean, we all knew. You couldn’t deny the punk weirdness of a fat drag queen […]

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  • Three Record Labels And Some Records

    Some people follow singers and bands, but it takes a special kind of obsessive to follow a record label. Small indie record labels were willed into existence as a result of major label complacency; they were a necessary presence, a revitalising shot in the limp arm of a dying, overblown music industry back in the […]

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