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  • The Dreaming by Kate Bush

    The Dreaming by Kate Bush

    Madness as music is The Dreaming by Kate Bush. Later, she’d talk about the record in terms of the audience reaction, telling an interviewer that people regarded it as her ‘she’s gone mad’ album. Kate Bush is everything to so many people, but all we really know of her, the actual artist, is the stories […]

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  • Lost In Space (A Diary)

    Lost In Space (A Diary)

    It was only when I realised I’d forgotten my PIN number for the bank that I realised what was happening. When was the last time I actually went to the bank? The keypad made me stay away, fearing what might happen if I touched it after all those other fingers. I assumed the threat of […]

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  • Bed by Juliana Hatfield

    Bed by Juliana Hatfield

    The truth is I listened to ‘college rock’ before I ever went to college. I’d already decided what life was going to be like based on some CDs and movies, all of which were from America. Britain was going through a post-Britpop hangover and for the most part, I favoured alternative American bands. I had […]

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