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  • Celebrity Skin by Hole

    Celebrity Skin by Hole

    This album is indestructible. It wouldn’t be allowed to fail even though everyone and their cat had already written off Courtney Love as a hasbeen widow who had her finest work subcreated by Kurt Cobain. You can’t imagine how much Courtney was disdained in the years before Celebrity Skin was released. The letters page of […]

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  • Garbage by Garbage

    Garbage by Garbage

    Nineteen Ninety-Six was a year where I was slowly starting to form myself through music and art. Before that, music was something I listened to for enjoyment, something in the charts I bought because it was popular and catchy. The bands I’d inherited from my dad (The Smiths, The Cure, The Slits, Siouxsie And The […]

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  • Divine, Kurt, and Ricki Walk Into A Bar…

    Divine, Kurt, and Ricki Walk Into A Bar…

    Divine, a larger than life drag queen, was more bombed blondshell than blond bombshell. But it didn’t matter to me. From the moment I saw her during a late-night broadcast of Female Trouble, I knew she was something different. I mean, we all knew. You couldn’t deny the punk weirdness of a fat drag queen […]

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