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  • Nemesisters by Babes In Toyland

    Nemesisters by Babes In Toyland

    Last week while cleaning out my Cupboard of Crap, where all the junk and clutter fits even when there’s no space left, I suddenly remembered something I’d forgot about for years. There I stood with a pair of gloves and a mask, trying not to breathe in years of dormant dust, when a box marked […]

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  • Living in the time of Angelica

    Living in the time of Angelica

    Your first gig is a rite of passage you never forget. For me, it was Babes In Toyland at King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut. Except it wasn’t, because this itineration was actually Kat Bjelland without her Nemesisters. But this was as close as I could get to one of my new favourite bands. Yes, I […]

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  • Riot Grrrls. Diet Grrrls. Who Really Gives A F**k?

    Riot Grrrls. Diet Grrrls. Who Really Gives A F**k?

    It started with Shampoo, a band whose bratty attitude and shouty vocals made me want to stay out too late and hitch a lift home on a milk truck. Except the local dairy farm went bankrupt and I wasn’t allowed out too late in case I accidentally walked into a fight between The Greenfaulds Stab […]

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