Scream (Music From The Dimension Motion Picture)

This was a high school album on CD that I desperately wanted to own before the credits of the film started to roll. When it comes to music in movies, especially those aimed at young people, no-one did it better than John Hughes. A tastemaker, he wrote characters in his movies that listened to the… Continue reading Scream (Music From The Dimension Motion Picture)

Rituals on Halloween

It was when my friend Claire decided to 'check the pizza' for the fifth time in three minutes that I realised she didn't like fictional murderous killer dolls with ginger hair. Horror movies on Halloween have always been part of our annual ritual, though not all of them are to Claire's liking. And her opinion… Continue reading Rituals on Halloween

Three Spooky Books and Some Creepy Tunes for Halloween

  I've always loved Halloween. It's my birthday away from my actual birthday. Christmas is for the family, Easter is for the kids, but Halloween belongs to me! I dress up too much, so Halloween is a chance for me to kick back and have fun. From the 1st of October until the 31st, I… Continue reading Three Spooky Books and Some Creepy Tunes for Halloween