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  • Christmas Time, Irn-Bru and Wine

    Christmas Time, Irn-Bru and Wine

    It was a day I’ll never forget because it was when everything went from bad to terrible. The 12th December 2019. I was in Edinburgh with my friend Alex Nye, both of us suffering in the cold, but still excited to be seeing our old friends in the writing community. Our equivalent of an office […]

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  • Book Battle Royale

    The Kids’ Lit Quiz is a worldwide literary event that pits teams from various schools against each other. One urban legend has it that Lorde scored the highest points ever at one of the heats Down Under. It isn’t just pupils from schools vying for glory: authors and librarians battle it out for points, book […]

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  • Edinburgh International Book Festival 2017

    Edinburgh International Book Festival 2017

    The Edinburgh International Book Festival is always a lot of stressful fun for me. It’s enjoyable, but you’re there to work so it’s impossible to completely relax. I was in Edinburgh for three days this week, enjoying the sun (praise Jesus for deodorant), seeing the sights (there’s a KFC in Waverley Station), and most importantly […]

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  • The Looking Glass of Edinburgh

    Greetings! Today I took a trip into a land far away; a place I know about but never visit.  Edinburgh is the literary capital of Scotland (and the literal capital of Scotland) and I’m hardly ever in the place!  The last time I went to Edinburgh, it was to see Mamma Mia – I was […]

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