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  • Lots To Talk About

    Lots To Talk About

    So much is happening that I almost can’t keep up, but I’m going to try and get myself together using this blog to sort out my thoughts. WARNING: you, as the reader, may need to cartwheel in order to keep up. Okay? Good. Let’s go. The Edinburgh International Book Festival Every year, every August, my […]

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  • Adventures At The Edinburgh International Book Festival

    Adventures At The Edinburgh International Book Festival

    On occasion, I’m called upon by forces high above to appear at festivals. I make money from live events (though you’ll never see me because I tour schools) and have done ever since Conjuring The Infinite was released. One of my favourite festivals is The Edinburgh International Book Festival. God, it makes me feel important. […]

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  • An Edinburgh Book Festival Cameo

    I hopped into the Cicconemobile (AKA the train) and made my way to Edinburgh for the Book Festival yesterday morning.  The weather was beyond foul and my lovely salmon coloured tweed jacket shrank in the rain.  Then, to make matters worse, a gang of football hooligans were causing chaos at Waverley.  Hmph.  I floated past […]

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