Lots To Talk About

So much is happening that I almost can't keep up, but I'm going to try and get myself together using this blog to sort out my thoughts. WARNING: you, as the reader, may need to cartwheel in order to keep up. Okay? Good. Let's go. The Edinburgh International Book Festival Every year, every August, my… Continue reading Lots To Talk About

The Best Doctor Who Story In The Universe Ever

Choosing which wire to clip on a ticking bomb is probably much easier than choosing a favourite episode of Doctor Who. There are literally decades worth of stories and episodes to choose from, all those different Doctors and their companions friends. You have the Era you grew up watching (for me The McCoy Era), then… Continue reading The Best Doctor Who Story In The Universe Ever

Being A Teenager In The ’90s

As things change, things also stay the same. A mystery assailant with a grudge against high-profile officials sends bombs in the US Mail. Sabrina The Teenage Witch gets up to silly magical hi-jinks with the help of her two kooky old aunts. RuPaul hosts a chat show crammed with celebrity guests. You might think I'm… Continue reading Being A Teenager In The ’90s