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  • Apathetic Fabulosity! *My years as an Electroclash fan*

    Apathetic Fabulosity! *My years as an Electroclash fan*

    While everyone else in the world infatuated themselves with The Strokes and their retro rock revivalism, I threw my lot in with Electroclash, which immediately appealed to me on the most basic of levels. The aesthetic was both shiny and tacky, reveling in it’s meretricious presentation. Electroclash was a brilliant mixture of super serious and […]

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  • Princess Superstar Is

    It started with Bad Babysitter, of course. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Drugs, sex, violence, and babysitting all in the span of three minutes and thirty five seconds. The song itself sounds perky and fun thanks to the horns in the background. Misadventure rarely sounds so fun. Of course, I had to find […]

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