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  • “Lady In Rid”

    “Lady In Rid”

    A few months ago, Tom Brogan of Short Attention Span Theatre reached out and asked if I’d like to contribute a short play to a charity night. They’re raising money for River Garden in Ayr, a facility to help people in the recovery state of addiction. So I wrote Lady In Rid, or Lady In […]

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  • Goodbye 2022! What’s happening 2023?

    Goodbye 2022! What’s happening 2023?

    The start of the year was slow until I got busy. Suddenly, the end of the year was here and I realised it was time to make one of these annual Best Of lists. For me, this blog will also be a glimpse into the future, signs and portents of things to come – because […]

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  • How did it all go then?

    How did it all go then?

    My night was a whoosh! sort of evening, the kind that you know happened because you have photographs and lower stock to prove it, but I’ll be honest…I don’t remember many details, because I was too busy fretting about everything. Honestly, it’s like a birthday party where you’re so concerned the guests are enjoying themselves […]

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  • Book Launch

    Book Launch

    YOU ARE INVITED TO A BOOK LAUNCH. In 2020, I was so excited to have a book launch for Happiness Is Wasted On Me. Covid seemed so far away and I was planning something really spectacular. Of course you all know what happened next. We’re now in 2022 and I have a brand new novel […]

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  • Teenager by Bud Smith

    Teenager by Bud Smith

    I love writing that’s deceptively simple, the sort so easy and effortless that you can’t imagine a lot of work going into it. But here’s a secret: that sort of writing, when it works, is usually the result of hard work and a lot of time, because writers usually work towards a certain style, constantly […]

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  • The YA Years / 2013-2018 / what the fuck was that all about?

    The YA Years / 2013-2018 / what the fuck was that all about?

    I got my start in the Scottish publishing industry writing books for teenagers. They weren’t normal YA books but the weirdest, stupidest, strangest most cult fiction for teenagers ever – at least that’s what I told myself. Like most readers, I started reading as a child, visiting my local library every day, taking days off […]

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  • Cover reveal!

    Cover reveal!

    At last, I’m able to present the cover artwork for Sadie, Call The Polis. I wanted something that recalled the old Faber & Faber/Flamingo book covers of the late 80s/early 90s, which is an aesthetic I love. Strange, disembodied images, striking bright colour, and bold typography. Those novels looked like CULT FICTION to me, and […]

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  • I prefer American book art and here’s why…

    I prefer American book art and here’s why…

    The list of sites on my bookmark is precisely four strokes of my fingertip long. One touch takes the page halfway. The second goes further. By the fourth I’m at the bottom of the list. My bookmarked sites are literally all about books. Most of them American literary pages that I read every day, keeping […]

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  • Money matters, he said

    Money matters, he said

    The worst question you can ask an author is how much we make. Oh, the question can vary slightly, but the reply is almost always the same. “Don’t expect money if you want to be a writer,” I say, my tone always on the mild side of weary. If writers were paid by the hour […]

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  • Off The Page 2022

    Off The Page 2022

    I’ve always wanted to do Off The Page and now I am. I’m appearing live at Fallin Library on 27th May at 17.30. You’ll get the full experience. Tickets are limited so book soooooon. I’ll see you there. #OffThePage #books #shows #Stirling @stirlinglibraries

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