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  • Announcing “Sadie, Call The Polis”

    Announcing “Sadie, Call The Polis”

    When I first signed a contract for Happiness Is Wasted On Me in 2019, I honestly didn’t expect much to happen for me. In an industry obsessed with debut authors, I’m in a strange position as a rising star who hasn’t really risen. A friend once said I was the best accessory a book launch […]

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  • My new book is out today!

    My new book is out today!

    After months of delays due to Covid-19, my first novel for adults is finally out. Happiness Is Wasted On Me is a book I wanted to write, but more than that…it’s a book I needed to write. Somehow, it just happened. Now it’s available to buy and order from bookshops on your high street and […]

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  • A broadcast!

    A broadcast!

    A message from me to you and you and you!

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  • The big book launch!

    The big book launch!

    I can’t launch Happiness Is Wasted On Me at a bookshop, sadly, but safety first and all that jazz. At the same time, I don’t want to sit on a chair looking at a laptop with a nice background. I’m seeing it too much. It’s boring. So… I’ve decided to do something a bit different […]

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