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  • Midnite Vultures by Beck

    Midnite Vultures by Beck

    I have a theory that your first Beck album is always your favourite. He’s a sonic shapeshifter whose music is always different, but always essentially ‘Beck’. To put it another way, his albums are different suits on the same body. Yet despite my theory about your first Beck album being the one you enjoy the […]

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  • Viva La Woman by Cibo Matto

    Viva La Woman by Cibo Matto

    Hall Of Fame is the strand of this blog where I discuss my favourite things. It might be a book, an album, a movie or a video game. Can you imagine being the A&R man (or woman) responsible for signing Cibo Matto? Here’s the concept: two Japanese artists, one rapper and a multi-instrumentalist, in a […]

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