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  • All About Kittie: Remembering Spit

    All About Kittie: Remembering Spit

    I swore to everyone in my circle of friends that the future of rock music could be found on an album named Spit. Kittie, a feminine word that belied a decidedly loud band, were the new Hole. They would bent and bash inflexible Metal into exciting new shapes; they were IT and I loved them. […]

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  • 1.Outside by David Bowie

    1.Outside by David Bowie

    Certain albums need a little help in order to work better. In theory, it’s simply a case of buying a record/downloading an album/sticking on a CD and listening to your music. And for most albums, that’s exactly how the transaction works. But not 1.Outside. Released in the 90s, years after last having any substantial hit […]

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