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Hall Of Fame: Evol by Sonic Youth

There are certain albums within a band's canon when everything works. The formula is finally perfected. It may be the case that a band finally discover what makes them great, or it could be an addition to the group adds something that was previously mission. Whatever the reason, everything works and nothing can ever be… Continue reading Hall Of Fame: Evol by Sonic Youth

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My Favourite Insane ‘Real Housewives’ Moments Ever!

Ever since Teresa Giudice shook a table threateningly at Danielle Staub during lunch, the Real Housewives franchise has unleashed some of the most remarkably insane television - and I've loved every second of it. But some scenes have impacted harder, burrowed deeper, than others. In celebration of one of my favourite TV product, here are… Continue reading My Favourite Insane ‘Real Housewives’ Moments Ever!

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Jawbreaker: An Apology

This is an apology. Specifically, an apology to Jawbreaker, the movie I dismissed back in 1999 as a Heathers rip-off. I did. I watched Jawbreaker, and then I dismissed it. And now I'm apologising. I'm apologising to Darren Stein. I'm apologising to Rose McGowan. I'm also apologising to Julie Benz, Rebecca Gayheart, and Judy Greer.… Continue reading Jawbreaker: An Apology