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“Is That Your Real Hair?”

Hello! I've been all around the country for Book Week Scotland, promoting North Of Porter and meeting fans, new fans, potential fans, and fans that don't know they're fans yet. That's a lot of fans to meet in a week. But that's the great thing about Book Week Scotland - the authors get to go… Continue reading “Is That Your Real Hair?”

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Book Week Scotland!

Ah, the wonderful Book Week Scotland is here again. A week of events in what is another Christmas for authors, or in my case another Halloween. I'm everywhere this week, putting on my show and promoting NORTH OF PORTER iin front of live audiences. From Glasgow to Fife via Perth, Edinburgh, and East Dumbartonshire...I'm here,… Continue reading Book Week Scotland!

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I've always been a fan of ABBA. No, not the band...the blog! An Awfully Big Blog Adventure is a blog for and by authors, read by librarians and whoever else has an interest in books. Linda Strachan asked me to contribute to it as a guest. Hurrah! So here I am on ABBA: That… Continue reading ABBA