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  • Girlfriend by Matthew Sweet

    Girlfriend by Matthew Sweet

    Moving through crowded Edinburgh with a friend, we talked as fast as we walked, trying to make it to Patisserie Valerie for dinner. I hadn’t seen Roy in a while and we were discussing our favourite things which were writing, music, and Doctor Who. At some point, we got our subjects tangled up. “Matthew Sweet’s […]

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  • I Know What You Did Last Summer by Lois Duncan – an examination

    I Know What You Did Last Summer by Lois Duncan – an examination

    SPOILERS AHEAD! Lois Duncan was a household name if your house was home to kids with library memberships in the 70s and 80s. Her books for young people were Young Adult before the genre became mainstreamed. Looked down on, these books were known back then as Juvenile Fiction. Not that Lois Duncan ever wrote fiction […]

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  • Republica by Republica

    Republica by Republica

    There are musicians in bands who become faceless and nameless in the presence of their singer. It happened with Blondie, an amazing band but whose presence was obliterated the sheer star power of Debbie Harry. It happened to everyone in Sleeper, who were termed Sleeperblokes by the British music press, their identities removed as a […]

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  • Do you feel the need for tweed?

    There we were, laughing and chatting, when suddenly we realised we weren’t alone. This isn’t unusual in a public building, in our case the local library. I’d been put on a shift with Andrea and we were enjoying ourselves. I’d always found it easy to chat with Andrea, whose sense of silliness matched my own. […]

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  • Mr. Magic gets on his bike

    Mr. Magic gets on his bike

    I’d heard stories about The Cumbernauld Flasher from friends but none of us really believed he existed. He was an urban legend, constantly shifting shape and location, a threat we didn’t actually take too seriously. And then one day I did. Nearly a decade ago while working in Abronhill Library, close to the school where […]

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  • Kylie In The ’90s

    There are two types of Kylie Minogue song. The type that work and the type that don’t. Being talented as she is, Kylie definitely has more in the former category rather than the latter. Really, an argument could be made that Kylie is the greatest indie popstar ever to work an independent label. Stock Aitken […]

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  • A tale of ten years

    Rewind all the way back to 2010. I’m lost. I’m angry, a result of what I witnessed one dark night in 1998. That kind of violence changes a person, makes them cold and distant. Somehow, along the way, I’ve become a troll long before the term was invented. Ask me, however, and I’ll tell you […]

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  • Bright Like Neon Love by Cut Copy

    Bright Like Neon Love by Cut Copy

    The second best album of 2004 was also the least likely to succeed. It’s essentially a lo-fi electronic pop record that sounds like it came from a geek’s bedroom. It’s simple, effective, but most of all…affecting. Songs of aching hearts and thwarted love sit snugly alongside each other. This is a Cut Copy that isn’t […]

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  • Social Media Stuff

    This is my obligatory social media shit post. I Tweet. I Instagram. I Face a Book. Follow me on Twitter. Follow me on Instagram. Follow me on Facebook. Don’t follow me home. Thank you.

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  • Wee Write 2018

    Wee Write 2018

    Hello! I’m appearing at Wee Write on Tuesday 6th of March. Hurrah! The Mitchell Library is one of my favourite places in the world, other than my crisp cupboard. Honestly, this is high praise. My crisp cupboard has every brand of crisp you can imagine – it’s the Scottish brand of The Golden Wonder factory. […]

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