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  • Kirkland Ciccone’s Totally True Stories *Live event at The Book Nook*

    Kirkland Ciccone’s Totally True Stories *Live event at The Book Nook*

    MY FIRST LIVE GIG IN TWO YEARS! is happening on October 15th at The Book Nook in Stirling. It’s called Kirkland Ciccone’s Totally True Stories and is a rejigged version of my life story in books.   Basically, we’re all sick of digital events on a screen when everyone knows authors should be in book […]

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  • Adventures Close To Home!

    Adventures Close To Home!

    Last year I was forced to launch my book digitally. I really wanted to have the experience of a live book launch in a shop, but I actually enjoyed myself. Putting together a set of clips, turning my ideas into something visual, structuring a small film…well, I enjoyed it. So I’m doing it again. On […]

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  • A Secret History Of Cumbernauld Theatre

    A Secret History Of Cumbernauld Theatre

    Nothing I write can do justice to the influence of this one building on my life, but my blog would have nothing on it if I didn’t try, so here I go: I’m trying. Cumbernauld Theatre has always been there for me. A reassuring presence in the background, easily spotted from the window of the […]

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  • Yay YA+ 2016

    Yay YA+ 2016

    I’m so sorry that I haven’t been blogging as much recently, but it isn’t my fault! Put the blame on my hectic life. That’s a good excuse isn’t it? And it’s YOURS for free. If you’re late for an appointment then you utter the words, “Put the blame on my hectic life.” If you’re too […]

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  • The World Book Day Diaries

    The World Book Day Diaries

    Greetings citizens! I’ve been so busy during World Book Day that I didn’t get a chance to blog properly, and my resolution for the year was to BLOG PROPERLY. I’m the fat dude who enrols at the gym only to leave early so I can have a KFC Zinger Tower Meal Buffet. And if you […]

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  • Live! Live! Live!

    Earlier today I performed a version of Irritable Vowel Syndrome, my one-man show about books – to be exact all the books I obsessed over growing up.  I talked about Conjuring The Infinite and how I managed to land a publishing deal.  It’s all fun and frothy with lashings of bitchy brilliance on my part.  […]

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