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Edinburgh International Book Festival 2017

The Edinburgh International Book Festival is always a lot of stressful fun for me. It's enjoyable, but you're there to work so it's impossible to completely relax. I was in Edinburgh for three days this week, enjoying the sun (praise Jesus for deodorant), seeing the sights (there's a KFC in Waverley Station), and most importantly… Continue reading Edinburgh International Book Festival 2017

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The Sugar Addict Recovery Program

AKA Book Launched! North Of Porter was launched in front of a large audience on Wednesday night. Thank goodness! I was absolutely petrified no-one would turn up. No, seriously, The Fear was real and making me sick with unease. Fireworks Night in Glasgow had been moved to the same night as my book launch, and… Continue reading The Sugar Addict Recovery Program

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Is It Sci-Fi YA? Realistic YA? LGBT YA? No, It’s Kirkland Ciccone!

Porter Minter is a bitch! Or is he? There's more to this story than meets the eye. You'll have to read NORTH OF PORTER to find out the truth: Why are all the teenagers of Castlekrankie vanishing without trace? Why have mysterious crop circles appeared on the nearby hill? Why is an astronaut hanging out… Continue reading Is It Sci-Fi YA? Realistic YA? LGBT YA? No, It’s Kirkland Ciccone!