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  • Announcing “Sadie, Call The Polis”

    Announcing “Sadie, Call The Polis”

    When I first signed a contract for Happiness Is Wasted On Me in 2019, I honestly didn’t expect much to happen for me. In an industry obsessed with debut authors, I’m in a strange position as a rising star who hasn’t really risen. A friend once said I was the best accessory a book launch […]

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  • News about my book

    News about my book

    Happiness Is Wasted On Me was meant to be released on 28th May but having had a chat with the publisher this morning, we both agreed to postpone it. With bookshops being closed, it seemed like a bad idea to put the book out next month. I actually requested the delay, so I could have […]

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  • My New Book

    My New Book

    Hello. I’m glad you’re here. Alright, let me set the scene. It’s cold outside. Really cold. From where I’m seated, middle-cushion on the couch with the window facing me, it looks like the biggest bag of icing sugar in the world has been sprinkled over my garden. My living room is warm. I’m drinking hot […]

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  • Coming Soon To A Blog Near You!

    Coming Soon To A Blog Near You!

    Information about my new cover art. Eeeek!

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  • The World Book Day Diaries

    The World Book Day Diaries

    Greetings citizens! I’ve been so busy during World Book Day that I didn’t get a chance to blog properly, and my resolution for the year was to BLOG PROPERLY. I’m the fat dude who enrols at the gym only to leave early so I can have a KFC Zinger Tower Meal Buffet. And if you […]

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  • Tidelines Book Festival

    Hello! Here is the new brochure for the Tidelines Book Festival.  It’s crammed full of amazing events, fantastic authors, glorious PR shots approved by agents and publishers…and yes, I’m in there too! Click below to check out the events on show: CLICK HERE! The brochure is available in libraries and other venues across North Ayrshire.  […]

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  • Adventures In Outworld

    Hello!  I’m beaming this transmission in from a small room in geostationary orbit.  If the transmission should break up then please activate the psionic booster, which is located on the planet Biliku in the constellation of Vorpaxia. August August is a big month for me because it’s the month I start my promotional tour.  These […]

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  • Lay Down In Front Of Trucks!

    Here is the very first feature written about me and it’s a good one.  Today’s edition of the Evening Times and it’s an interview by Brian Beacom.  “How will I recognise you?” He asked when this interview was arranged.  “Look for Tiger Tim,” I replied.  Brian wrote and published a biography of Tiger Tim years […]

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