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  • Snazzy new website alert!

    Snazzy new website alert!

    I’ve decided to split my blog and official website in two, meaning I can properly write about anything that takes me away, but also have a site that’s all about my books, something smaller but effective. It can’t have been too easy for anyone coming here to find out information on my fiction only to […]

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  • Library lurking for a living

    Library lurking for a living

    Most authors I know also have part-time jobs on the side as well as other means of making money. None of them are criminals or slum landlords. Not yet, anyway. But writing has never been the most reliable way of earning a living, which means we need to get out and find work in the […]

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  • The Brenda Walsh Hatefest ’93

    The Brenda Walsh Hatefest ’93

    Television is the great pacifier, a true switch on/switch off experience. But what if there’s a character in your favourite fictional escape you absolutely cannot stand? These days, whole communities have sprung up online, massive groups dedicated to the phenomenon of ‘hate-watching’. The internet has allowed us to connect over our shared hatred of fictional […]

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  • Do you feel the need for tweed?

    There we were, laughing and chatting, when suddenly we realised we weren’t alone. This isn’t unusual in a public building, in our case the local library. I’d been put on a shift with Andrea and we were enjoying ourselves. I’d always found it easy to chat with Andrea, whose sense of silliness matched my own. […]

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  • Boomania by Betty Boo

    Boomania by Betty Boo

    Every kid deserves their own pop star, that one superstar they can adore from a distance. As a child, I wasn’t short of icons to admire. There was The Doctor and Ace, who saved the universe from evil monsters each week on BBC1. Agent Dale Cooper was there for me even though he preferred coffee […]

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  • He who lives by the sword, also lives across the street

    He who lives by the sword, also lives across the street

    The night my neighbour pulled a sword on me started off quietly enough, or about as quietly as it could living in a flat in a rundown part of town. There were always varying levels of noise. Arguments heard through thin walls were accepted and endured with all the grace I could manage. Boyracers tearing […]

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  • The New Abnormal

    I haven’t been able to update my blog in a while for a few reasons. Chiefly, my beloved dog passed away. I knew it was coming, but that doesn’t make it easier, does it? I’m fine, but the world feels very strange. It feels strange anyway, with the Lockdown happening around me, but little moments […]

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  • beautifulgarbage by Garbage (an apology)

    beautifulgarbage by Garbage (an apology)

    Dear Shirley Manson, I’m writing this because I want to apologise to you. I’ve always admired your power, your supreme fierceness, your talent. In the ’90s, you were a huge part of my life. You and the band were a soundtrack for voluntary self-distancing. I listened to your voice, took in your words, studied interviews […]

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  • Lots To Talk About

    Lots To Talk About

    So much is happening that I almost can’t keep up, but I’m going to try and get myself together using this blog to sort out my thoughts. WARNING: you, as the reader, may need to cartwheel in order to keep up. Okay? Good. Let’s go. The Edinburgh International Book Festival Every year, every August, my […]

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  • Kirkland Ciccone’s Psychic Advisery Hotline (or my ‘career’ as a psychic adviser)

    A little known part of my life is that period after college when I set myself up as a psychic adviser. Yes, it’s true. Did I want to work in a factory? No, I don’t have the temperament. The noise in particular wouldn’t suit me. You think I’m lying? You should see me in a […]

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