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  • The author portrait of Dorian Gray

    The author portrait of Dorian Gray

    Every author has to do it. It isn’t something we can’t avoid, and many of us have tried. Sometimes we might even feel flattered that someone cares enough to need it. You see them online, on posters, in brochures, and of course sometimes even in books. The author portrait. That’s the official looking photograph of […]

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  • My New Book

    My New Book

    Hello. I’m glad you’re here. Alright, let me set the scene. It’s cold outside. Really cold. From where I’m seated, middle-cushion on the couch with the window facing me, it looks like the biggest bag of icing sugar in the world has been sprinkled over my garden. My living room is warm. I’m drinking hot […]

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  • Coming Soon To A Blog Near You!

    Coming Soon To A Blog Near You!

    Information about my new cover art. Eeeek!

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  • My Mini Waterstones Tour

    My mission: Visit ten branches of Waterstones and sign copies of Conjuring The Infinite.  Easy, right? The Great Waterstones Dash was to be my first meet and greet, an informal event to say hello to staff who (in theory) will push my book under your nose.  I was being sent out into the world to […]

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  • The Mad Dash!

    This is the agenda for the Mad Dash tomorrow.  I’m going to be taken around these branches of Waterstones to meet and greet people.  It’s an industry thing which aims to promote me in their stores and befriend the staff.  With luck I might have one of those ‘Staff Recommendation’ slips above my book if […]

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