Adventures In Outworld

Hello!  I'm beaming this transmission in from a small room in geostationary orbit.  If the transmission should break up then please activate the psionic booster, which is located on the planet Biliku in the constellation of Vorpaxia. August August is a big month for me because it's the month I start my promotional tour.  These… Continue reading Adventures In Outworld

Lay Down In Front Of Trucks!

Here is the very first feature written about me and it's a good one.  Today's edition of the Evening Times and it's an interview by Brian Beacom.  "How will I recognise you?" He asked when this interview was arranged.  "Look for Tiger Tim," I replied.  Brian wrote and published a biography of Tiger Tim years… Continue reading Lay Down In Front Of Trucks!

Down The Blog Bog!

Hello, I wanted to blog a few days ago but I've been a bit busy with everything surrounding my novel. I have a small team around me which makes things a bit easier plus my publisher helps out immensely.  Thank goodness.  So what do I have planned for you?  What is coming up in the… Continue reading Down The Blog Bog!