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  • We Run The Tides by Vendela Vida

    We Run The Tides by Vendela Vida

    One of the problems I had with Happiness Is Wasted On Me was the question of how to make a coming-of-age novel sufficiently different from the rest. If we’re honest, we have to face the fact that all coming-of-age novels are similarly built. The protagonist struggles against life, valiantly battling through their teen years, facing […]

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  • Indie bookshops, this is for you!

    Indie bookshops, this is for you!

    Dear independent bookshops, No matter how listless I’ve felt, or how boring everything seemed, you were always there to make me happy. From The Scan Bookshop in Cumbernauld, Scotia Books in Kilsyth, Edinburgh Bookshop, and The Book Nook, you’ve all been there for me in different ways. Not all of you are here any more. […]

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  • Library Lurking in Scotland

    Library Lurking in Scotland

    I live in a strange area which I won’t specifically mention because I’m still hiding from the debt collectors, but it feels very apart from everywhere else. The transit system is infrequent, with buses forgetting to pass by on their route, but when they come, they take me to Glasgow, Stirling, and Falkirk. All of […]

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  • The Path to Happiness

    The Path to Happiness

    Most writers arrive fully-formed, their debut novel hailed as something special and original. That or they’re just ignored and left to fend for themselves. The word ‘debut’ carries a special cache around the publishing industry. I started off performing live shows, writing my own stories, hoping to be published one day. Twilight was a huge […]

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  • Zazie dans le Métro by Raymond Queneau

    Zazie dans le Métro by Raymond Queneau

    Blame Joe Meno. I was going through a period of obsession with his work because I enjoyed The Boy Detective Fails so much. This happens when I find someone new whose work sparks something, a need for more. Hairstyles of the Damned came next. I read that in a few days, turning the pages until […]

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  • Two cool authors live on a screen talking to YOU and YOU and YOU!

    Two cool authors live on a screen talking to YOU and YOU and YOU!

    Hello everyone. I’ll be appearing live with Ely Percy (author of Duck Feet, which is amazing by the way) as part of Scottish Books Long Weekend. It’s nice to finally be doing promo for something I wrote two years ago, but the pandemic has made us all get creative in other ways, hasn’t it? Anyway, […]

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  • Adventures Close To Home!

    Adventures Close To Home!

    Last year I was forced to launch my book digitally. I really wanted to have the experience of a live book launch in a shop, but I actually enjoyed myself. Putting together a set of clips, turning my ideas into something visual, structuring a small film…well, I enjoyed it. So I’m doing it again. On […]

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  • Christmas Time, Irn-Bru and Wine

    Christmas Time, Irn-Bru and Wine

    It was a day I’ll never forget because it was when everything went from bad to terrible. The 12th December 2019. I was in Edinburgh with my friend Alex Nye, both of us suffering in the cold, but still excited to be seeing our old friends in the writing community. Our equivalent of an office […]

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  • Book Week Scotland!

    Book Week Scotland!

    This week is Christmas for authors, really. I’ve been stuck in my house seething at the Covid-19 lockdown that’s keeping its heel on our throats, but still trying to keep busy. A few weeks ago I had my live digital launch, which mostly went rather well, if you ignore the bit at the start where […]

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  • The Book Nook

    The Book Nook

    There’s a new book shop / cafe combo open in Stirling and aren’t we all happy to see it? The Book Nook looks like one of those very cool shops you’d find in Byers Road or Edinburgh, transplanted to Stirling’s Upper Craigs, in walking distance of The Thistle Centre. I popped into see it last […]

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