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  • Book Week Scotland!

    Book Week Scotland!

    This week is Christmas for authors, really. I’ve been stuck in my house seething at the Covid-19 lockdown that’s keeping its heel on our throats, but still trying to keep busy. A few weeks ago I had my live digital launch, which mostly went rather well, if you ignore the bit at the start where […]

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  • Book Week Scotland 2018

    Book Week Scotland 2018

    Book Week Scotland is to authors what Christmas is to Santa Claus. We love it. If we’re lucky, we get work during this week in November. For Book Week Scotland 2018 I ended up in Grangemouth Library, which isn’t too far away from me – except the bus made it feel like a far-flung world. […]

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  • Book Week Scotland Stuff

    Book Week Scotland Stuff

    I’m going to be at Grangemouth Library next Friday as part of Book Week Scotland. It’s a school visit, essentially, but it’s free so the teens can get there for free. If you’re around, pop by and watch my iconic one-man show. Last time I was in Falkirk, it went terribly wrong. Apart from the […]

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  • Spite And Malice At High School

    Spite And Malice At High School

    I’ve spent the last few years writing fiction for younger people. I’m quite happy with what I’ve put out so far, because there’s a market for weird books for the weirdo teens. I was one myself, and I always wanted to write books that I would have read at that age. But being an author […]

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  • Coming Soon To A Blog Near You!

    Coming Soon To A Blog Near You!

    Information about my new cover art. Eeeek!

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