Cults. Porridge. Poison.

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By Kirkland Ciccone

Starrsha Glowglass is the most famous girl at Morvern High. She isn’t a singer or a model, because she can’t sing and wears the worst clothes. She isn’t even a YouTube Vlogger. Nor is she talented, gifted, or extraordinary. Her face was on the front page of every newspaper in the country for another reason:

Starrsha survived a massacre in which most of her family died.

But her ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ were no ordinary relatives. They were The Family Glowglass, a cult dedicated to a zany religion invented by a tax dodging businessman. One morning the disciples went to pray – and died in agony.

Starrsha knows the dark secret at the heart of the murders.

And she’s finally ready to talk about it.

How can a videotape bring the dead back to life? Why have Aunt Imelda and Mad Uncle Ezra popped by for a visit? What lurks beyond the red door at the end of the hallway? How can a dead man’s riddle lead to treasure? Just how does a girl get an invite to the coolest party in town? Will My Chemical Romance release another album? What is the secret of The Black Room? Who poisoned the porridge? And why has God gone insane?

All will be revealed…as soon as someone presses PLAY on the remote control.


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