How did it all go then?

My night was a whoosh! sort of evening, the kind that you know happened because you have photographs and lower stock to prove it, but I’ll be honest…I don’t remember many details, because I was too busy fretting about everything. Honestly, it’s like a birthday party where you’re so concerned the guests are enjoying themselves that you don’t think about yourself at the moment. However, the bits I do remember, the moments saying hello to everyone, signing copies of Sadie, Call The Polis, and larking about were all fun and in an odd way, I’m glad it’s over. But wait. There’s a new book out. Yes, after two years, I’m finally selling something that isn’t Happiness Is Wasted On Me. I’m very fond of Sadie, Call The Polis. I think it’s funnier, the writing deeper, and more mature than the previous book.

I chose to go in purple and blue, slightly taking inspiration from Jack Nicholson’s Joker when he crashed the museum in Batman. I love those colours together. The shirt was made from the cheapest, nastiest fabric and I felt it on me all night. Thank God for Lynx deodorant. Also, halfway through the event, a group turned up. Apparently, they went down to Argyle Street thinking I was there and ended up leaving in the middle of Janey Godley’s event. Eeeek. I asked them to buy her book to make it up to her, so that’s how I balance my karma.

I’d like to thank the Waterstones staff for helping and making the launch run smoothly. Also, Alex Nye has to be mentioned. She kept everything going as professionally as possible, especially with me constantly talking and jumping from story to story. She has previous form in this area though, chairing events for the Edinburgh Book Festival. She’s a good friend and we always have fun when we’re out together. I hope that translated well.

Also, the audience. I want to say thank for coming out in force to support me. I appreciate the help!

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