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Author of Happiness Is Wasted On Me, writer of Scottish fiction, auld punk, bookshop botherer, library lurker, and tea swigger. This is my blog.

Cover reveal!

At last, I’m able to present the cover artwork for Sadie, Call The Polis. I wanted something that recalled the old Faber & Faber/Flamingo book covers of the late 80s/early 90s, which is an aesthetic I love. Strange, disembodied images, striking bright colour, and bold typography. Those novels looked like CULT FICTION to me, and that’s my spiritual alignment. The bright orange and font are the same as Happiness Is Wasted On Me, which Fledgling insisted on having, but I think it works. Sadie isn’t a sequel, but the book definitely feels like it belongs in the same universe, dealing with similar topics about working-class Scotland. The artwork was designed by Andrew Forteath, who did Happiness as well as plenty of other covers for the likes of Janice Galloway, Douglas Skelton, and Andy Davidson (whose In The Valley of the Sun made me stop in the middle of the bookshop so I could look at the artwork).

The phone photograph is by Alexander Andrews, and I asked for it to be turned upside down so it looked like a question mark. The postcode scrawled in the corner (FK5) drops off the page and becomes part of the phone cord, which I thought was neatly done. The photograph of the girl reaching up is by Aedrian. I asked Andrew to make her mouth into the iconic eighties ‘lips’ phone, which he did in a brilliant surreal style.

I hope you all love it. With luck, it jumps off the shelves and tables.

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