Kirkland Ciccone’s Totally True Stories *Live event at The Book Nook*

MY FIRST LIVE GIG IN TWO YEARS! is happening on October 15th at The Book Nook in Stirling. It’s called Kirkland Ciccone’s Totally True Stories and is a rejigged version of my life story in books.   Basically, we’re all sick of digital events on a screen when everyone knows authors should be in book shops, theatres, and libraries. This is a BIG DEAL because not only is it my first proper gig in forever but it’s also The Book Nook’s first proper event and *if* it goes well, they’re going to do it every month with a different author/storyteller/poet/alien lifeform.

So we need you to turn up and support. The Book Nook will stay open late, and they’ll have A) tea B) coffee C) books D) prosecco E) muffins F) me G) you.

There are two different tickets. One pays for a copy of my fab novel Happiness Is Wasted On Me along with entry into the event and a prosecco with a wee cupcake. The other does the same, only without the book, because some of you might already own it. Get you vaccine passport sorted, because you’ll need it for everything, and it means we can have a night without thinking about it. There’s the new app which can be downloaded from your online store, or just download your certificate online.

Kirkland Ciccone’s Totally True Stories happens

When? 15/10/2021

What time? 19.30

Where? The Book Nook, in Stirling just around the corner from The Thistle Centre.

Tickets for the event will go on sale next week. Hopefully you’ll be able to make it.

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