Adventures Close To Home!

Last year I was forced to launch my book digitally. I really wanted to have the experience of a live book launch in a shop, but I actually enjoyed myself. Putting together a set of clips, turning my ideas into something visual, structuring a small film…well, I enjoyed it. So I’m doing it again. On Thursday 27th May at 19.00, I’m going to broadcast a ‘live show’ called Kirkland Ciccone’s Adventures Close To Home. It’ll act as a second launch event now that bookshops are open across the country. With luck, it’ll remind people Happiness Is Wasted On Me is available to buy outside the usual online platforms. I’ll send my broadcast via Facebook, but I’m working on Instagram as well. I’ll remind you all nearer the time. If you can manage it, pop along! It’s literally an adventure close to home.

Meanwhile, go out and see the high street again. I did. This week, in fact. I got quite emotional walking around Glasgow, seeing it the way it should be. Next stop: everywhere.

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