Walking back to Happiness…

Now that the news is out about Happiness Is Wasted On Me (it’s available to pre-order hint hint hint), I can’t get myself sorted for actually getting out and about, promoting it. I’ve been speaking to some venues, looking at doing live shows, or literary salons. They’re the only salons I go to! Everything is being sorted out with the book and the cover art (the full jacket) is nearly finished. Which means it’ll be ready for the printer and preview copies will be sent out. I’m a bit worried it’ll go down like a cup of soggy shit with the readers, but I’m always hopeful for a good reception.

I’ve been writing a lot recently. I want to write about millennials in the work place. Young people trying to make it. It’s my version of This Life, I suppose. I’m reading a lot too. I read a book in two days last week, which killed my eyes but it was such a good book and completely worth it. If you haven’t read Fame Shark by Royal Young, then do so. It’s very good.

In terms of pre-publicity for Happiness, I’ve been invited by Cumbernauld FM for an interview. Now I didn’t actually know Cumbernauld had an FM, but I’m going to do it. I might get to play some songs too. I always wanted to DJ so this is my chance. DJ Kirky on the decks etc.

I’ll have information about my book launch soon enough, so check here or my social media for more information. There might also be a YouTube thing coming up. You’ll know more about that soon.


Kirkland Ciccone

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