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Songs To Lose Your Wig Over: Tape Loop by Morcheeba

Tape Loop is a downtempo masterpiece of mood and atmosphere. I say that with complete confidence. Whenever I listen to it, I reckon it sounds like the most ‘90s song ever. Yet other times, it sounds like a time we haven’t quite reached. It melds so many elements into one track, yet it sounds unfussy. You want funk guitar? It’s there. A sinister sounding solo? Yes, that’s there too. Scratching FX? Bhangra? But the best instrument on Tape Loop is the voice of Skye Edwards. Smooth yet commanding, her voice is perfectly suited to the languorous grooves of Paul and Ross Godfrey. Skye is one in a long line of excellent female singers that emerged from the ‘90s, an era that gave a lot of different types of artists an opportunity to succeed. Culture was in flux. Genres such as grunge, Britpop, and trip hop were able to infiltrate the charts. At the risk of sound like an old tit, the charts these days seem very homogenous to me. Boring, let’s be brutal. But then it isn’t for me, it’s for young people in love with their own music and it shouldn’t be for me.

There are two versions of Tape Loop I know best. The version that appears on Morcheeba’s debut album Who Can You Trust and the single version, which is *the one* for me. I imagine that song could appear on the soundtrack to a really good spy movie or a kitchen sink drama or in the background of the many movies of the nineties that starred Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

The video was a staple of late-night MTV UK for a while. I always stopped what I was doing to watch. If I were lucky, it might appear on The Box too, where it popped up from time to time.

I think the main reason I love this song so much is because no matter where I place it in a playlist, it always stands out. And that’s something I always value in anything.

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