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Author of Happiness Is Wasted On Me, writer of Scottish fiction, auld punk, bookshop botherer, library lurker, and tea swigger. This is my blog.

The Cover!

My book needed a cover and once I’d persuaded Clare at Fledgling Press to put out HAPPINESS IS WASTED ON ME, I thought about the sort of artwork I wanted for my dream cult novel. Andrew Forteath was my choice and we got him, which is wonderful for both my book and my ego. He’s responsible for a lot of really great artwork you’ve seen on the shelves of Waterstones. From the vivid colour of Janice Galloway’s Jellyfish hardback to the eerie strangeness of In The Valley Of The Sun by Andy Davidson, which was one of my favourite book covers of that year.

Several ideas were mooted until finally I pushed for a ’90s punk ‘zine aesthetic. Those zines were everywhere in the ’90s because we didn’t have the internet we have today, of course. I got some photographs, including a few of Cumbernauld Town Centre aka the ugliest building in Scotland and winner of The Plook On The Plinth. Those porthole windows are iconic. Horrible, but iconic. If you look closely at the cover art for my book, you’ll see ghostly fragments of Cumbernauld Town Centre.

Happiness Is Wasted On Me



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