Get Skintight by The Donnas

A problem I always felt people had with The Donnas was an all-pervading idea that they were somehow novelty, less serious than proper guitar bands. For me, they were a dream come true. They looked like brats. They made a racket. They wrote songs about drinking, partying, dating, and…Doin’ Donuts. Less serious than ‘proper’ guitar bands, maybe. But novelty? Absolutely not. Simplicity, in the case of The Donnas, was everything. Complication was the enemy. Their songs were direct. You knew what you were getting with this band: good songs, fun times. Everything you need to know about The Donnas can be found in the image below:


On some days, Get Skintight is my favourite Donnas album. Other days it might be Turn 21 or even Spend The Night. A consistently strong band, you can always find something to love on a Donnas record, and if not – you’re a soulless husk of a human. Mostly, I find myself choosing Get Skintight as my firm favourite Donnas record. It’s bubblegum and broken beer bottles set to thrashy, glam guitars. It makes me want to tell my mother to fuck off – even though she’s in her sixties and she’d tell me to fuck off if I told her to fuck off. Listening to it again, I’ve noticed certain details on it that I missed beforehand.

For instance:

  • Too Fast For Love is a Motley Crue cover. How did I not know this?
  • It’s actually not the best song on the album. Sorry Nikki Sixx, but The Donnas rule.
  • Donna A’s real name is Brett Anderson, not to be confused with the singer of Suede.
  • The Donnas use phones. A lot. Those phone bills must be astronomical.
  • The album was produced by Redd Kross.
  • Get Skintight was released in 1999 but could be released tomorrow and would still sound amazing. Production on a lot of 90s albums haven’t been as kind.


Get Skintight presented a vision of punk that appealed to me far more Blink 182 or Green Day. Better still, this is an album that zips quickly from track to track, making the running time of 38.06 minutes positively fly by. Better still, The Donnas refuse to give their songs boring titles. What a blessing! Here’s the track list as proof of my bold claim.

  1. Skintight” – 2:36
  2. “Hyperactive” – 2:15
  3. “You Don’t Wanna Call” – 4:01
  4. “Hook It Up” – 2:36
  5. “Doin’ Donuts” – 1:36
  6. “Searching the Streets” – 2:58
  7. “Party Action” – 2:22
  8. “I Didn’t Like You Anyway” – 3:57
  9. “Get Outta My Room” – 2:21
  10. “Well Done” – 2:35
  11. “Get You Alone” – 2:21
  12. “Hot Boxin’” – 2:31
  13. “Too Fast for Love” – 3:29
  14. “Zero” – 2:28

There’s no fat on this record. Every bit of it is as it should be. Boys are mocked. Gardens are ruined. Parents are vilified. And I love every bit of it. Every now and again, I miss The Donnas. But they’re never gone as long as I play Get Skintight.

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