An official quite unofficial site

My new website is up and running. Hurrah! I got bored of having a WordPress blog as my official internet hangout, so I decided to create a brand new site. I love WordPress, but I found that blogging and posted updates about my own writing confused a lot of readers. And with my blog becoming quite popular, I thought it made sense to keep my official site and WordPress as two separate entities. Obviously I’ll still blog about big events and live tours, but mostly it’s going to be about passions of mine. Books (not just my own). Music. Television. Movies. Pop culture. Anything, really. I’ll probably update my WordPress subscription, but until then you’ll have to deal with adverts. Sorry.

Because I’m such a 90s bitch, I found myself pining for the days of Geocities, where blocky colourful websites were absolutely required if you wanted to announce your online presence. To this end, I’ve chosen Weebly as the host for my site.

And here it is! My new online house.

You can access this blog from there, but of course you may want to bookmark it anyway.

My social media links are on the site too.

A little Bio.

Official Site

The photograph is years out of date, but the colour matches the harsh acid yellow backdrop, so it stays for now. At least until I have an official author portrait taken – and good Photoshop to change the colours up.

And that’s it. I have a new official site. Maybe I’ll get bored of the retro revivalism and crave something a bit slick and glossy, but for now this’ll work fine for me. And you, I hope. Librarians and book festivals, my contact details remain the same.


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