Book Week Scotland 2018

Book Week Scotland is to authors what Christmas is to Santa Claus. We love it. If we’re lucky, we get work during this week in November. For Book Week Scotland 2018 I ended up in Grangemouth Library, which isn’t too far away from me – except the bus made it feel like a far-flung world. The bus! Oh my God. If I could write poison pen letters to a bus, I would. Every ten seconds the bus to Grangemouth stopped. EVERY TEN SECONDS. And the pensioners! They kept coming and coming and the bus kept stopping and stopping. It was too much. However, when I arrived at Grangemouth Library, it was to a cup of tea and some biscuits. PRAISE JESUS. The event itself was cracking. The audience didn’t quite know what to make of me, I reckon. An alien from the Planet Punk? A nutter dressed in blue spaghetti? Both?

On Saturday I ended up in The Theatre Royal in Glasgow giving a talk about making events for young people. It was the Gaelic Writing Conference, though I couldn’t utter a word of Gaelic. The organisers and the audience were very accommodating though; they spoke English.

The rest of the week was spent writing and rewriting my first novel for adults.

Oh, my brother in Barlinnie Prison phoned a few times. I never heard the phone. I was engrossed in an Irvine Welsh novel while he was living out his life as the human version of an Irvine Welsh novel.

Anyway, my new book for young people is out and ready to be read. Glowglass is a weird tale with lots of odd people and terrifying situations. It’s set in High School, so how could it not be weird and terrifying?

Until next Book Week Scotland…

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