Book Battle Royale

The Kids’ Lit Quiz is a worldwide literary event that pits teams from various schools against each other. One urban legend has it that Lorde scored the highest points ever at one of the heats Down Under. It isn’t just pupils from schools vying for glory: authors and librarians battle it out for points, book tokens, and their pride. In my case, a cuppa and a sandwich usually suffices. I’m easily pleased. Today’s Lit Quiz took place at The High School of Glasgow. The area near the school is lovely. Crow Road is plush with cafes – or – artisan eateries. My guide (and driver) was my iconic friend Alex Nye, award-winning author of fiction for children. She is also a traffic cop’s worst nightmare. The most Scottish Englishwoman in Scotland, she uttered shocking one-liners such as, “Ooooh I hope I’m not in the bus lane,” more than once. Is it a one-liner if it gets said more than once? ANYWAY. After Alex finished cursing her sat nav for making her life hell, we finally arrived at our destination. Late. But that’s alright, it meant everyone got a chance to see me arrive in faux fur, toting my Texas Chainsaw Massacre lunchbox. Everyone included my old friend Anna from Scotia Books, dilligently selling fiction to the fans.

Kirkland Ciccone
Kirkland Ciccone

Also on our team were Victoria Gemmell, author of Follow Me (read it) and Annemarie Allen, who is the writer of several books set in Scotland. She was very hard of hearing, which must have been amazing for the table next to us, because in order to get her to write an answer down – I had to raise my voice.


Did we win?


I’m off to Liberton High to try and redeem myself in the next phase of the Lit Quiz. Lots of tea might be necessary. And a lot of extra reading between now and tomorrow.

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