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The cover reveal for my new book Glowglass happens on Thursday (01/03/2018) at Tales Of Yesterday. I started writing Glowglass (original title The Gerard Way Fan Club) last year after I’d recovered from A Mystery Illness. I couldn’t walk properly for three months. I was bloody miserable. I’d also found myself battling against a stalker and having to get that sorted out. Anyway, everyone was obsessing over 13 Reasons Why and suddenly there was a vogue for YA novels featuring retro technology. Hipster revivalism is very real.Here’s an exclusive: tapes were crap and videos took ages to rewind. Nostalgia is overrated.

In the midst of all this was the rise of the YouTube Vlogger as author. I have no problem with Tallia Storm or ‘Pop Girl’ – but there HAS to be other points of view, especially in YA fiction. Glowglass will NEVER be on Zoella’s Book Club and it won’t be comfortable reading for everyone. There are no love triangles. The morals are murky. The protagonist isn’t relatable. It’s violent. Dark. Funny. A bit uplifting. And of course it wouldn’t be me if it didn’t spew bile in other directions. It’s also my best book so far. I know we all say that, but there’s something about Glowglass I love. I’m very proud of it.

BuyItBuyItBuyIt. ReadItReadItReadIt.

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