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Author of Happiness Is Wasted On Me, writer of Scottish fiction, auld punk, bookshop botherer, library lurker, and tea swigger. This is my blog.


The nice people behind the Edinburgh Book Festival have put together a mini book festival. And the subject? New Towns around Scotland. They’ve created events around stories and the telling of stories. How exciting! And of course they asked me to participate in some events, which is fabulous because everyone knows I’m Cumbernauld’s most famous celebrity after the drummer from Travis, the extras from Gregory’s Girl, and that chatshow host living in America.

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I’ll be taking part in three events, though only two will be open to the public. The first one is Unbound, which is the cabaret part of the Edinburgh Book Festival, though it’ll be in Cumbernauld of course. The Flexibles (an amazing band) will be there too. Squeal. Helen MacKinven. David Keenan. David Ross. And many more! Then I’ll be taking part in a Debate about Cumbernauld. It’ll be like Question Time…or rather, Questionable Time. Oh I can’t wait. I was interviewed years ago by Newsnight Scotland only to discover that my sideburns were two totally different lengths. Ugh. Mortifying.

Here I am showing off my new app to make my Instagram videos a bit jazzier. Is that more mortifying than uneven sideburns? I don’t know.

The festival was launched at Cumbernauld Library and I popped along dressed in a demure outfit. Let me tell you that their buffet was so lovely, a proper posh spread, and I hob-nobbed (not the biscuit) with some familiar faces and old friends. Nick Barley, the creative director of the Book Festival made a short but sweet speech and then Janet Smyth arrived to chair a discussion about the forthcoming events. The audience was a sizeable one – and not because we all ate too much. Although we ate too much. Well I did.

Tickets are free. Pop along and see me or any other brilliant authors/performers.

I’m writing and will have news about my next book soon.

K x

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