UKYACX 2016!

I’ll be attending this year’s UKYACX which takes place in Newcastle Library on the 17th September. It’ll have a lot of special guests and a very large pot for tea, which is basically the reason I’m going down to England. I’m a tea tart. It’s the start of many trips down to England, because they deserve to have me in their lives and libraries.


Here’s the entire list of authors for the day!

1.     Roy Gill

2.     Cat Clarke

3.     Kirkland Ciccone

4.     Olivia Levez

5.     Lindsey Barraclough

6.     Nicole Burstein

7.     Fletcher Moss/Martin Griffin

8.     Jane Brittan

9.     Sara Grant

10.  Perdita Cargill

11.  Honor Cargill

12.  Donald Hounam

13.  Paula Rawsthorne

14.  Leo Hunt

15.  Kerry Drewery

16.  Emma Pass

17.  Liz Flanagan

18.  Sue Wallman

19.  Rachael Lucas

20.  Ellen Pheathean

21.  Katherine Corr

22.  Elizabeth Corr

23.  Alex Nye

24.  Victoria Gemmell

25. Patrice Lawrence



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