Yay YA+ 2016

Yay YA+ 2016

I’m so sorry that I haven’t been blogging as much recently, but it isn’t my fault! Put the blame on my hectic life. That’s a good excuse isn’t it? And it’s YOURS for free. If you’re late for an appointment then you utter the words, “Put the blame on my hectic life.” If you’re too lazy to hoover your carpet then yell, “Put the blame on my hectic life.” If you win the lottery and deny me a portion of your winnings, “Put the blame on my hectic life.”

My agent is looking for a new deal for me, which is fabulous. I’m still signed to Strident Publishing as well. I’m working on new material and I started a brand new project two days ago. This is the most exciting part of writing; who knows where you’ll go or what you’ll end up with? It could be an amazing book. It might not be. But I should know quite soon. I’ve been a bit busy with my YA book festival YAY YA. It took place at Cumbernauld Theatre last year and was such a success I decided to do it again.

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It took months of planning to get the event right, and things went wrong along the way. Authors had to pull out (“Put the blame on my hectic life,” wasn’t said but it’s true, authors have hectic lives) and we weren’t sure if schools could afford the budget for buses. I heard of some schools doing a Great Bake Off to raise money for buses. Isn’t that wonderful?

I decided to keep the format similar to last year’s event. It’s a unique format that works, as far as I’m concerned. I used every single space available in Cumbernauld Theatre, filling it with authors and books. We had our bookshop courtesy of Scotia Books for a second year in a row. They’ve always been brilliant, the Scotia Books team.

Our authors on the day were me, Alex Nye, Alex McCall, Estelle Maskame, Martin Stewart, Elizabeth Wein, and Victoria Gemmell. I’ve read their books and since it’s my festival, I get to chose the authors. I stamp my feet and click my fingers until I get my way! They were all very good. And each one of them proved to be brilliant live, thank goodness. I know not all authors are performers, but in this genre I think you need to perform. I didn’t hear a single bad review. And we sold a tonne of books! As I said, the format works.

The team at Cumbernauld Theatre were amazing. They spent two days rehearsing for this event, timing and working out what to do with the schedule. They made it work. Give them a raise!

A few days have passed and I’m glad everything was smooth and efficient. But more than that…it was good fun. And it’s great to see teenagers getting their books represented at a live event.


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