Kirkland Ciccone Signs To Annette Green Authors’ Agency

Kirkland Ciccone lo-fi is my-fi 2

Hello folks. I’ve been keeping this to myself for a while, but I want to tell everyone my good news: I’m now going to be represented by Annette Green of the wonderful Annette Green Literary Agency. My agent (I can say that now) has a copy of my new book, the title of which won’t be revealed until I’m ready, but everyone is really excited about it. I think it’s really special but this is also a very different book to my others; it’s about a teenage girl with special powers, a fashion queen for Christ, a head-chopping serial killer and…well I’ve already said too much.

More news will come soon! But I’m absolutely delighted to be part of a literary agency that ‘gets’ what I’m doing and wants to spread my anarchic take on YA across the world, where it belongs quite frankly!

Kirkland Ciccone x


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