Newmains Library

I’ll be appearing live at Newmains Library on Thursday at five o’clock. Expect tales of living in a new town, floating dolphins with hatred in their hearts, a library, wearing a fur coat to school, and more true adventures starring me, about me, with me. Hurrah!

I’ve been writing for the last few weeks. I have two books on the go. One of them is a really weird (and utterly fun) frothy story with dark edges. Told in the first person, it features a girl with special powers and…well, I can’t say anymore. That would be giving away too much. The other book is for Strident Publishing. Ah. I think you’ll like it a lot. It’s a tale about a teenage detective agency with a difference. And that’s all I’m saying for now!

I’m going to update my Live section with a list of forthcoming events. I should do it more often, but I’m actually busy at the events to put them on this site. Typical!

PS I’ve been told that I should promote my social media a bit more so here’s my Twitter/Instagram accounts: and PPS I’m off for a cuppa.



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