Goodbye 2015!

You may not be surprised to learn that I was delighted to see the back of 2014. What a dark period in my life! My sister’s death and the fallout from it made the high peaks of the year (the release of Endless Empress) difficult to enjoy without feeling slightly glum. 2015, however, was a complete contrast. I want to talk about 2015 before I wave it away.

Yay! YA+

Scotland’s first event completely dedicated to YA fiction. A festival under one roof…I swear it could have gone horribly wrong, but for some reason it went brilliantly. It was a bit of a power trip for me because I was able to organise my own fantasy festival with all my favourite Scottish authors. It’s happening again in 2016, but you’ll hear more about that soon. Until then, let’s look back at the event in April.

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The Edinburgh Book Festival

It was everything I ever hoped it would be and much more…

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North Of Porter

My third book of weirdo YA was released in November. I was stressed and nearly ready to rip out clumps of my own hair, but that’s okay because I’ve got loads of hair – enough to spare! Here’s the journey from the start to publication of my new book.

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Book Week Scotland

Every year I get to travel Scotland and perform live events for Book Week Scotland. It is my version of Christmas. I love it. This year I was completely fully booked THANK GOODNESS. Here are some photographs which were put up on social media. Enjoy!

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The plan for 2016 is for Conjuring The Infinite to be re-released with new cover art. I’m not sure if I’ll put a new novel out next year, because I’m working on a book…that I can’t say too much about…but it represents the next stage (and logical next step) for me. But fear not! I’m touring like mad so invite me to your public or school library!

Thank you for being so loyal and sticking with me.  I’d like to thank librarians, readers, fans, friends, authors, Cumbernauld Theatre, Twinings, and Keith for helping make 2015 a good year for YA.



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