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“Is That Your Real Hair?”


I’ve been all around the country for Book Week Scotland, promoting North Of Porter and meeting fans, new fans, potential fans, and fans that don’t know they’re fans yet. That’s a lot of fans to meet in a week. But that’s the great thing about Book Week Scotland – the authors get to go new places and meet people whose spare time may not revolve around reading books.

This is how my week went:

MONDAY – James Gillespie High School. This was organised by a fan named Jasna, who got her school to summon me, so I duly obliged and performed my one man show in front of two packed audiences. Hurrah. I was slightly freaked out by the unicorn emblem on the front gate. Fans of Endless Empress will of course know the significance of a unicorn…

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TUESDAY – Shopping in Glasgow, which has nothing to do with Book Week Scotland, but my event at the Mitchell Library was meant to be on this day, but was moved to Friday afternoon instead. I did buy a few books in Waterstones, so that’s book related isn’t it?

WEDNESDAY – Inverkeithing High School. Okay, so I had this journey planned out, but a raging toothache made everything a bit difficult. Damn teeth. I wish I could just buy those false ones that pensioners have, but then I’d feel as though I’d sold out and went after an Essex smile rather than a Glasgow grin. The event took place in the school assembly hall and I looked like I had a gold sequin jellyfish on my skull:


I sold some books, signed some autographs, and imparted some wise words to the teenagers such as: “Read books, be punk rock, and you can never look too ridiculous.” I sort of embody those qualities.

THURSDAY – Kinross High School. I journed all the way up to Kinross in the rain – it was raining all week which negatively affected the roads and my hair – and met a lovely librarian at the train station. “We’re very rural here in Kinross.” I don’t think they’d ever seen anyone quite like me. But I’m proud to spread the weirdness across the world.

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FRIDAY – Douglas Academy, then The Mitchell Library.

I was meant to be at Milngavie Library but the event was moved at the last moment to Douglas Academy. Oh I know of Douglas Academy. They always do well in the Kids’ Lit Quiz. I’ve witnessed them firsthand crush other teams. I wasn’t sure how they would react to me in my dapper donut shirt, metallic jacket and Kurt Cobain lunchbox. Accompanied by a lovely librarian named Rebecca, we arrived in the rain. It was a fabulous event.

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After signing a few books I vanished into the train station so I could find my way to the Mitchell Library…

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I love the Mitchell Library. Goodness what a venue! They make the best tea, which is a bonus. I’ve been there a few times in the past for Wee Write so I knew what to expect: professionalism, mostly.  This was a fun gig and the audience, at first quiet because they probably hadn’t experienced being in front of a wig snatching author of mondo weirdo YA before, soon came up onto the stage to chat.

I wish Book Week Scotland was every week.








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